Chengdu Wuhuan Xinrui Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd is reformed from Sichuan Wuhuan Chemical Institute, specializing in R&D of gas separation and purification. Since our establishment in 1995, we have had great achievements in shift gas decarbonization, hydrogen production, high-purity food grade carbon dioxide plant, methanol decomposition to hydrogen, ammonia decomposition to hydrogen, acid gas removal, etc. With a batch of renowned experts doing extensive and deep research in the chemical fields ...
新奧燃氣LNG裝置 中加合資南京阿爾法氣體有限公司 河南鶴壁化工PSA脫碳 吉林食品級二氧化碳 河南鶴壁寶馬化肥廠60000Nm3/h PSA脫碳裝置 四川廣安恒立化工有限公司12000Nm3/hVPSA脫碳裝置 泰安深燃液化天然氣工程 江蘇省吳江市恒祥酒精製造有限公司 中國石油天然氣股份有限公司寧夏分公司一合肥甲醇洗CO2變壓吸附工程 國內第一套自主開發的LNG淨化裝置,成功的在泰安深燃投產
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